About Kojo Green

Hello you,  

Kojo Green was born from a love of all things colourful, as well as a passion for travel and adventure.  

I love the Scandi style (it's super cool) but I also love having a few bold colours in my home and in my wardrobe, that complement the Scandi look. I realised after living in Sweden and scouring the shops, online and by foot, that I simply could not find anything colourful enough!  

Frustrated by the lack of colourful homewares and accessories I decided to open up a little online store.   

Please remember that a lot of my products that are on the website are 'one off's' so when they are gone they are gone!  I really hope you like my little handpicked collection of goodies that I have carefully chosen.   I hope to source more products from far places in the near future.  

Love Fi x